Friday, September 28, 2001

Being able to see more interesting animation again really inspire me. Really feel like doing animation again. Thinking thru my major inspire me even more, not in the fact that my major is super good or wat, more of being unable to complete the whole project. Have been planning on working on a comic. Kind of have finish planning the seq. , been trying to draw it out properly. ( Actually the whole reason when i did this is to try to do pacing not by muisc or sound but by purly vision, mood by colour and etc.) Next project inmind is kind of suggested by this army friend, Chen Fang (our miss pei xiao jie here :) should know who he is ) , to do a combo. Not that he's no good or wat, i juz think that i got a problem with myself. Thing he suggest sometime doesn't fit wat i have in mind, and sometime i felt pointless doing the project, juz drawing and drawing, suggesting and suggesting and on his part sewing everything togther in a way i feel is abit straight forward. He suggested in making it complex and stuff, but sometime (it juz one of my thinking ) i feel that people suggest some very complex reasoning juz to convince u'rself than the audience, i personally believe in simple yet visual effective graphic/ story. But bearing the thought that different people have different way of thinking i try hard to see his point. Any idea is a good idea, it's really about how a person present it that make it a successful piece of work or not... It about having the vision..~ Everything that cook in my mind now really confuse me. Thinking of breaking away and do my own animation or wat so ever.. I like at the down period now. sadness .. Feel sad for my drawing skill, story telling skill ,'Express myself' skill ... and a whole of of skillsss...... juz feel like putting all my thought somewhere.. muahahahaaaa....... Share it with some innocent soul... :)) Howhowhow .. any good advices Animation or comic with friend...... :(

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