Thursday, November 01, 2001

It have always been a treat to read wat miss nah xiao jie and our mr blaue's writing / essay
like u'r writing very much..~ but it's a pity i can't write as good as u guys..~ hope i can express more of my self thru drawing and painting.
(expressing myself thru painting/ drawing, am i ...~~ do i..~~..hmmm........)
believe it ornot i got to check the dictionary for the word pity juz because i forgot, i can't believe myself..~
i have doubt posting this message, like kind of zhou bo loh..~ been thinking too much..~
i really hope that i, in fact people like blaue and gatchaman and me and even miss nah can really work our way up and be someone
someone who will be like respected for watever we do... i will be really sad if i even trap myself in a world of my own thinking that i'm great.~
I seriously hope i can find more of myself juz as u guys do thru writing. i really feel empty when i draw too much. composition. a person's composition, the quote" u are wat u read and wat u eat" kind of have more and more deeper meaning now than ever.~
hmmm..... think i losing myself ..~ like a bit drama drama like...~ ai but wat the hack..~ all people here noe ray and ray tok nonsense..~muahahahahaaa..~~
action speak louder than wordss..~~~ think that is one of the qoute i got to drill into my mind.. may i put my thought into action...
and may we all grow and blossom and be respected and be admire..for wat we are for wat we do ..~~ leaving a great footstep in the history of artistry

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