Monday, December 31, 2001

"who do u think u are to think that u can confuse me" by this sentense, i can see that how proud this person are..~ hmmm...... I can onli say that at time people just see themself as god and never come to realise they, like all are just human..~ But sometime a person just need to be very confident about one-self to survive in the real world. "Confusing" people, some people just see it as a talent, a virtue to "confuse" people. I would say that all people with the help of language, do confuse people, making other think and u, urself as god. From my point of view, i would say it's evil...~ It's a sin. People like me, i think .., think so much and meeting this kind of people who think they got the wisdom to bring life, start posting toopid question making themself holy like, yet posted back the question they will not have an answer, will kill those poeple who are constantly on the thinking. A wise people do post this kind of a question, and they do help the needy see a clearer picture not a picture but a open ended picture for the needy to see. Not just post and let the needy rot. Or even just point out a dead and fix road and tie the needy down to the road. I would say every people have the ablitiy to "confuse" other by their thought and words and comments not just onli the holy want to be people. So i caution all people out there to use their words with care, as u may lay a dark cloud over a growing seed, engulfing the seed, screening away the sunlight.

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