Monday, May 27, 2002

Announcement :

Akirastudio is now Halcyonwerks

I've been contemplating a revamp of my website for eons now, kicking in phase one for now ( heck, i make it sound like some HDB upgrading project ) The title akirastudio have been with me since the first days of my amateur web publishing days, dating back to my first singnet account when I was still in secondary 4. That's almost seven years ago ! Akira seemed like a most natural choice for a title, given my then euphorical and fervent admiration for the masterpiece. Although my respect for it have never dwindled the least bit, it probably been one most influential animation i'll ever watch, my webpage is no longer just a fanpage, and its only appropriate that the title now take a backseat. Akirastudio will now be housed under Halcyonwerks as an individual section by itself, all to be updated continually.

Go here to see the new index page for Halcyonwerks : http://www.notionwerks/akirastudio/halcyonwerks.htm

As for the new title Halyconwerks, the inspiration came in part with the design I had for Halcyon realms, my weblog. It falls back to the album design works for the ambient electronica group Chicane, which I like immensely. Its music is an enbodiment of speed, emancipation and peace.

Friday, May 17, 2002

hahaha ... lucky for me ... i oready gone thro much meditation before the show, & completely pyscho myself to ve as low expectation as possible ... minimum damage to my fragile & hopeful heart!
George Luca's lost it completely !! Just when I thought things couldn't be any worse than the Phantom Menace...they obviously can. Maybe its because the expectations are so sky high for epII to exceed its progeny...nontheless...i still found the whole show much of a disappointment. Probably THE most disappointing show this year so far.

Thursday, May 16, 2002

what a beautiful review to a beautiful film (i can only assumed abt the film though, din see it)! blaue reiter u should be the one writing those reviews in straits times eheheh!
Time and again Korean films have swept me off my feet, engulfing me in megalomania, putting me back in love. The latest addition to the family is the movie "One Fine Spring Day".

I think my emotions are most easily roused, as far as movie watching is concerned. So if a laudable movie that is imbued with all the right qualities of beauty, subtlety and emotiveness comes my way, I will break down like melting ice awashed in sunlight. One Fine Spring Day are all these qualities and more. I saw it at the SIFF, and now as i listen to the music and the visuals, hauntingly beautiful and memorable, I cannot help but express my praise for this movie through this channel.

This review explains most of the movie expressively -

The rest is watching it.

Friday, May 10, 2002