Sunday, March 31, 2002

This is my first update since I started on [ Do Robots Dream of Electric Sheep ?], having completed the main parts of the robot. At this stage I'm sure there will be plenty of changes coming along once I tried to setup the character. ie some parts just aren't so well fitted for animation rotations, etc.

Monday, March 25, 2002

I must admit that I find some of the winners of this year's Oscars to be well, rather unexpected, or even unjustly from my point of view. The biggest pang of indignation must come from the fact that LOTR won the award for best Cinematography, which I felt was handed out lacking in sense and astute choice. By and large, the movie is most deserving of some other awards, best costume and effects for that matter, but for cinematography ? I'm not saying that the photography in the movie sucked - but it seems manifestly clear that there are a few other more deserving and creative works in the arena for contention. Moulin Rouge, or Amelie ( which I liked immensely but is not the reason of my complains ) had devastatingly good cinematography. I'm pretty sure I am not the only person I ?

For your ease of perusal for complains, check out :

Friday, March 22, 2002

Okie...just let me elaborate a little on what i've read about Panic Room from the American Cinematographer. It tells the story of Meg Altman and her daughter Sarah. Meg has been recently divorced and both of them are looking for new life after the rather unsuccessful marriage. So they settle down in the big city and find a nice, cozy, perfect house. Upon inspection of the infrastructure of the house, Jodie Foster soon learns of a safe or "panic" room in the house that has video screens, buried phone line, ventilation system, and a 1 foot thick steel wall. Apparently, the room was specially built for emergency situations and the like to keep the occupants safe and to allow them to monitor the whole house. This is put to the ultimate test when a group of fool hardy and adamant intruders seek to infiltrate the room as mother and daughter engage them in a battle of wits and sheer determination to survive.

Must check out the trailer here :
Panic Room is gonna be great. Nope, not a ooo ooo show. Starring Jodie Foster.

Thursday, March 21, 2002

looks like blaue reiter s longing to fly away, away fr our dreamless island :P *take a look at the new banner, nice* thus special song dedication: fly me to the moon (SIA Business Class Power Mix)
panic room sounds like some ghost movie ... issit? aha ... if only we all humanly beings can always prioritize so well ... we can all function effectively ... like a machine? hmmm ... i need to go bck to texturing instead of blogging here, damn.
instead of spending time on my 3d project i found myself wasting into the dead of the night revamping the layout of this blog ( as well as redesigning the top banner above ). heck...i don't think i know how to prioritize...
anyway, lots of movies coming up - the royal tenenbaums, Ali, time machine, iris. all which i'll be catching. recently i bought a copy of the american cinematographer and the cover review was on a new movie by David Fincher, titled panic room. very exciting.

Friday, March 15, 2002

i met some french friends today and we were talking about France and the show Amelie.

remember the scene where she returns him the photo album... and he was made to look into a telescope thingie at the top of the hill to look for her? that shot had the real Moulin Rouge in view. interesting... :)

i realise more than ever the importance of having photographs to look back on. however silly or questionable they may be. :) but i'm just lazy at the thought of having to lug around my heavy slr camera. :p should start taking pics soon. if any of you guys know of digital cams that work together with the mac, do let me know please? :) thanks!

i'm pooped. it's 2.32am. gonna zonk out soon. *yawn* spring break officially starts! :) hee

Thursday, March 14, 2002

Well...the camera I used for this picture isn't actually a lomo ( I don't think "you know where" would be using a lomo for work. they are basically against anything individual and creative. *in controlled tone* ) Anyway, its a relatively expensive Polaroid camera, a big sized one for that matter, that is used mainly for taking passport sized pictures ( ie the same kind of format that was seen in Amelie ). Right at "you know where" its used for...identification purposes. Shan't elaborate any further. for Gatchaman's idea of taking photos for remembrance...i've been planning it all along ! I've already decided on the things I want to take - the long, long winding path that I have to walk every time I book into camp, ( where if i'm walking along at night I swear to you I can count a thousand stars in the sky, its that dark and quiet ) my standard army locker, and er...shan't elaborate any further. I hope they don't do a spotcheck the day I smuggle in a camera though...i be very very screwed...indeed
hey ur camp has got so much interesting things to photo manzz!! oopss ... i try lowering my volume ...
for the sake of art, risk it, after u ord, u publish somting like a photographic journal of 'life in you-know-where' ... maybe not in spore ... hahahhaha ...
rhume, definitely not lomo. hmmm ... while u considering hor ... they ve a 16 shot wan coming out liao ... hehehe ... ppl soon get bored of them, u noe ---toys they are!!!
issit the lomo camera you were 'amelie-ed' with? :) i wanted to get one too... been contemplating for a long time if i should get the horizontal version or the boxed one. still can't really decide.
Gallivanting ? Hee...wish I could Rhume...I think hiding is more apt a word to describe me now...

anyway, I've been Amelie-ed ! Took this picture in camp. *shh ! you didn't hear that ! *

Sunday, March 10, 2002

seems rather quiet around here lately... where's the master of this blog? has he gone galavanting? or into hiding...


Wednesday, March 06, 2002

[ copied from an identical post from Daydreamer blog ;) ]

I'm bored tonite...and broke...and yearning more strongly than ever to take a plunge into the sea, in my full getup of Mares Scuba!

I have been silent for too long....and suddenly tonite I found this old backup CD of mine containing the old stuffs I wrote...angsty and fiery that characterized my earlier styles.
Sigh....and pugnacious too... But it's been fun to re-read what my mind conjured in years long past (well, ok, so it's only like 4 years ago.) How I've changed since!
How life has shaped me, now beating me in, now moulding a new arm elsewhere. sigh...

Listening to: Hotel Costes: Costes La Suite. I can't stress enuff how ingenious this compilation is. It's a Dancing-trance inducer. I SWEAR!
reading: The Silmarillion. well, I lament that LOTR can't be infinite...but thank gawd they published this book and The Unfinished Tales...

I am gonna copy and paste this same post into Halcyon Realm now. ;)

Sunday, March 03, 2002

It's so interesting looking back at the pictures again. Really miss the place. Signz...