Tuesday, August 28, 2001

how to set up a guestbook..
i also want to be connected... :D
like our lady here.. *human tecnology*
reaching a thousand soul by a single click.

searching for a soul from another realm...

Saturday, August 25, 2001

10q ur welcome peishan!
wah u reading things a stranger wrote and probabli fergets laio leh ... maybe eric oso ferget abt that splash page laio? u got ask him abt it?
i ferget abt experiences and feelings kinda easily ... but i dun keep diary so many things i done in my life i ferget oso ... like i used to noe how to open wines and remember wine names, now i m not sure i still can. this blog not bad .. i can record my trip so next time at least i noe where i actaulli go to and wat i do in US. see, i got a condition, like the guy in memento ... hahaha ... kidding ...
jetlag yoga lessons ah? hmmmm ... i m wide awake 430 am tis morning ... but but wat did i do?
oh where m i? what m i doing here? why m i typing in front of my com? where s my photos? my tattoos?

Friday, August 24, 2001

I know my reaction to what I am gonna say will seem to some as kinda belated...but it has indeed left a wondrous little feeling in me. O_o !
Trying hard to keep myself from dozing (sorry! but Max is taking forever to save this damn scene!), I surfed while waiting for a simple and mundane action of saving and closing a file to be processed in the mechanical cerebrum of my beloved (NOT! ) PC. And out of sheer boredom I searched for names in Yahoo...names of friends, myself, my bf...just to see if they pop up in the unlikeliest places...and they did! Stumbled into this guestbook signed by one of my best friends in 1998! It was this Wedge Anitlles (SWOON!!!!) website dedicated to his cult and worship. It was amazingly detailed, tracing wedge's past and his career (albeit ruined by bad font colour, think Neon Green on tiled starfield BG), basically everything you would possibly wanna know about a man, or GOD if you will...ahhahahaa...hmm, i keep wondering how his "anatomy" would be like....hahahaha *shriek!*. OKIE, but enuff of wedgie baby, now I'm straying from the main topic here.

Next I followed a string of links to my bf's antiquated website, well not really a site, more like a splash page with no possible links. And if dust exists in the virtual world, it'll probably be covered with cobwebs like some archaic tome by now...ahhahaa...And the nostalgia just hit me...this is a website done by him before we've even met...hahahaa...And I thought, this was what he was doing on 8 Jan 1996!

Well, so after i got over the reminiscing I went on to search for piccys of the cute Qoo character (its the new jap soft drink, for those whose been under a rock). Somehow, i still can't figure how, i found myself here: http://keitheit.exit.mytoday.de
No he isn't anybody I know, just another stranger on the vast expanse of WWW. SO i just read his ramblings about his life, from accounts of him watching a movie alone to his book reviews. I am reading about HIM. About some faceless stranger I haven't even spoken to, and amongst the billions of websites in the world I stumbled into His. It's amazing. I call it fate! hah! but seriously I think it is. Which is why I believe in signing guestbooks, coz in some way I felt that there's a small but palpable contact between the other party and me. It sometimes lead to a tete-a-tete and that is what sparks such ineffable joy. It's always such a pleasure to know another soul in the world. To be connected! hahaa, now I realize I have never felt the meaning of this phrase in its most intrinsic sense...sigh....well better late than never.... =DDDD
Gotta go town now...makaning with parents...Welcome back Waiming! Do u need any counter jet lag yoga lessons? hehehee....

Monday, August 20, 2001

Taboo. An understated pub illuminated by cool blue lights, peppered with incandescent spotlights against sleek velvet black. If there was a secret Eden of lost innocence, this would be it. Taking my first step into this ominously cavernous lair, I felt the soft tendrils of seduction on the back of my neck. It is like Hieronymus Bosch�s Garden of earthly delights, with half nude human beings frolicking on plush designer couches and flagellation conducted most viciously with wicked animal hide. But it was an ecosystem that eliminated the female gender through natural selection, and where muscle against muscle was not an affair of fists and brawls. It was a sight altogether erotic, culminated by a hundred such naked, perspiring bodies into an apical high.
And this nymph I had become, trespassing into a sacred coven, dancing adroitly through this earthly orgy of male primates. I marveled at their beauty, their strength that was reflected off every contour of their sculpted temples. Their movements are in every way as languid and deft as my own. And I realized with a start, that some of these were the very creatures that would give up every prowess of a man to be like me, to have in their bodies the fine construct of a woman. Oh I cannot describe with the limitation of language how it broke my heart, but I felt it was incumbent upon myself to say it. For if I could behold their souls like I could their magnificent forms, I would only see weeping and broken ethereal wraiths.
But I was an intruder in their midst. I felt as if I was a needle that has ventured amongst a cluster of delicate bubbles and burst through their pink defenses, and in a chain of explosions they protested silently. I flinched in a futile attempt to ward off this wreath of miasma building around that threatened to asphyxiate me. I was stung by the apathy in their eyes and the clamor of the trance music booming from the speakers, relentlessly pulsating beats meant to induce artificial euphoria. My body screamed out in retaliation, my legs leading me to where I came without warning. Yet my heart lingered at every one of them whom I passed, touching their souls briefly searching desperately for warmth. But all I felt was the cold blue of the cerulean lights that lit their nocturnal domicile. Thoughts raced in my head� These are people who believe in what I personally hold true: That love transcends beyond gender. But the ethics of our society inevitably shuts them out and confined their secrets to their hearts, the souls of these vulnerable beings are drifting further away from us and from themselves. They are lost and eager for acceptance and brutal in their love for they hate to be hurt most. They are known as my broken angels, impaired from flight forever and doomed to dwell amongst those unlike themselves.
Rest well tonight, my dark winged angels. The journey is dreary when you travel on foot.

Saturday, August 18, 2001

Excerpt from Legend of Zu Translated by Der Blaue Reiter

The full moon hung silently in the night sky, its illuminance failing to penetrate the omnious clouds that shrouds the troubled lands.
Already, the minions of the Blood Sprite are stirring to life, seeking to awaken in the dank obscurity that had sheltered them
since their last defeat. South of the Zu Mountains, in the desolated grounds of Kunlun, the only two remaining disciples of the sect,
Dawn,last of the Moon Orb Sprites and her disciple, Skye, confronts the surge of the blight, its energy beckoning their own.

"Their powers grow stronger everyday with his return. They feed on it, bathe in its maglinant shroud of negative force. If we
do not face them now, our own ki will be enervated and diminished. "

"We have always acted independently of the other sects. Zu is strong in numbers, but that slows them down. We will strike
first then. "

"How long have you followed me, Skye ?"

"Two hundred years."

"Two hundred years. How little I have changed. My late teacher's shadows haunt me like a crepuscular soul that refuses to
leave my psyche.I can never be rid of his memories when I meditate; which is also why I have had little progress in my skills.
You must leave me Skye. You must carry on your training without me and not follow in my footsteps. "

Robes billowing in the wind, Dawn turned about and called forth the Moon Orb Blade, a glimmering arc of light reflecting off its
polished surface as it wheeled around her body,her lifeforce imbued in the blade. In a graceful, fluid movement, Dawn bought the
blade to bear and sent it hurling towards Skye. By a matter of pure instinct and swift reflexes, he summoned his own defences,
the Sun Orb shield flaring to life as it enveloped his body in a shimmering, incadescent light.

"This is the Moon Orb Blade. I have carried it with me for as long as I can remember, and its lifeforce mirrors my own. It is now yours.
One day, when you have mastered its stance, wield it forth, and the Blade will allow you to find me. Until then, do not seek me out."

"The Sun and Moon Orb scriptures are Kunlun's most formidable weapons. What if the demons were to attack ? How will you
defend yourself ? "

"My existence will be in the tidings of your failure or success, Skye. There is no need to worry unduly about me. Go now. "

Tuesday, August 14, 2001


*Fanfare playing in the background* Yeah !!!! Ray is finally online !!! After what seems like an eternity and tons of waiting...
URL is at [ http://t_cude.tripod.com/ ] Eh...ah ray ah...should add some 'back buttons" on some of your pages...if not
troublesome to navigate. :)

Monday, August 13, 2001

yeap...heard about the finalized title for the upcoming episode II. Hmm....strange but it sounded okie to me becoz I kinda like Star Wars to sound more like the original trilogy. Infact The Phantom Menace sounded like the odd one out of the 4 when it was released, sounding more apt for FF the movie really.It just sounded too modern, too polished. I mean, think about it, if The Empire Strikes Back is a movie due for next year, people would have thought it "obiang" for a name
too. hmm....but in a way I was still kinda hoping George named it The Clone Wars...but it probably wouldn't sound good with Star Wars.....Hiyah watever!

Hmm...guess you're right...i was actually was expecting a title like The Clone wars...it sounds acceptable still. But suppose the movie itself is more important than the name...
The Legend of Zu

Tsui Hark's latest work, The legend of Zu, is probably his biggest miss ever. This film promises so much yet delivers too little.
Drawing references from the ever famous chinese literary work "The Zu Mountain Warriors", he had the equivalent of a Eastern
Lord of the Rings plot on his hands, but in his urge to catch up on the ratrace of sfx, falls short of even an acceptable storyline
with egregrious editing and some really, really bad effects shots. This could have been such a good movie, trust me. There
were still some nice shots in the movie, if that's any compensation. I really, really like the character design of Cecilia Cheung
( Li Yinjie, aka as Dawn ) as she looks back, poised in a fairy like beauty with her flowy garbs and the Moon Orb Blade circling
her body. ( see inset picture ). Please, if any of you folks catch a glimpse of this picture anywhere in a magazine, full page spread,
let me know !

Friday, August 10, 2001

Starwars Episode II : Attack of the clones

Just in case you folks haven't heard, Starwars episode II have been named with the
tagline : Attack of the clones. I can't believe this !! What is George Lucas thinking about ?
It sounds more apt for some 60s rendition of a monster film like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
or something. This is bad, really bad.

Tuesday, August 07, 2001

*evil ray finally landed liao*
on his face.

Monday, August 06, 2001

I am here again to recommend some hot tracks by Llorca (i believe gatchaman has oready downloaded them).

Llorca -- Indigo Blues with Nicole Graham
Llorca--Lalo caught me dancing
Llorca--Lights behind windows
Llorca--The end
But of course I will get past Rukh! Impetuous as he may be when he planted that knife *sob* in Thrawnie's back *SOB!*, he will show more prudence when dealing with me, most assuredly. With one sniff on my outstretched hand, the comfirmation will only overwhelm him, send him on his knees with his steel gray arms splayed before him. For he recognizes the unmistakeable scent of the "Aunsul'yurei'shuk" (pronounceable only in the noghri tongue), the royal concubine of the much venerated Lord Darth Vader. AHhAHhahHAhahAhhahAHha!!! And with an imperious wave of a hand, I will command his obliging retreat to the shadows...
And before I proceed, I will make sure my satin gown is sheer enuff, and the chiffon veil nicely shrouded my face. The door leading to Thrawn's personal chambers slid opened with a hiss. A strange conceited smile touched my lips, and as I lifted my chin regally I strode in boldly to face him..........

Sunday, August 05, 2001

deede dedede ... dede .. dedede .. dede ... dededede ...
evil rei ... draw ur litesabre ... demonstrate ur awesome skills in halcyon realms ...
*evil rei leaps up mid-air , hold and freezes there, and waited for the camera to go round 360 degrees ...*

10 mins liao ...
*evil rei still waiting ...*

Thursday, August 02, 2001

Okie...we need to do some damage control here...Naki's really losing it now...I mean...
no way Thrawn's going to interrogate you !! You wouldn't even get pass Rukh for crying out loud !

Wednesday, August 01, 2001

Remember to catch STAR WARS: A New Hope special edition on STar Movies this Sunday, 5th of August.
Poor me, I swapped HBO for Star Movies a week too late, and the activation will only be on the 10th of August. SOB!!! so I am gonna miss episode IV. YES, it is indeed blasphemous for me to do so....and in the code of star wars, its even felony. But hey, hehehe, what wouldn't I give to be detained in Imperial hands, and if I get lucky, perhaps Thrawn will interrogate me personally!?!?! OH BLISS!!!!!