Saturday, August 25, 2001

10q ur welcome peishan!
wah u reading things a stranger wrote and probabli fergets laio leh ... maybe eric oso ferget abt that splash page laio? u got ask him abt it?
i ferget abt experiences and feelings kinda easily ... but i dun keep diary so many things i done in my life i ferget oso ... like i used to noe how to open wines and remember wine names, now i m not sure i still can. this blog not bad .. i can record my trip so next time at least i noe where i actaulli go to and wat i do in US. see, i got a condition, like the guy in memento ... hahaha ... kidding ...
jetlag yoga lessons ah? hmmmm ... i m wide awake 430 am tis morning ... but but wat did i do?
oh where m i? what m i doing here? why m i typing in front of my com? where s my photos? my tattoos?

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