Monday, August 13, 2001

yeap...heard about the finalized title for the upcoming episode II. Hmm....strange but it sounded okie to me becoz I kinda like Star Wars to sound more like the original trilogy. Infact The Phantom Menace sounded like the odd one out of the 4 when it was released, sounding more apt for FF the movie really.It just sounded too modern, too polished. I mean, think about it, if The Empire Strikes Back is a movie due for next year, people would have thought it "obiang" for a name
too. hmm....but in a way I was still kinda hoping George named it The Clone Wars...but it probably wouldn't sound good with Star Wars.....Hiyah watever!

Hmm...guess you're right...i was actually was expecting a title like The Clone sounds acceptable still. But suppose the movie itself is more important than the name...

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