Saturday, September 13, 2003

Never rains but pours. For a while there were hardly any decent films to watch at the theatres but now they're tumbling down in a flurry. Just a checklist to be sure I don't miss any. ( left out most of the mainstream releases )

Magdalene Sisters
Brother ( kitano )
Dirty Pretty Things
Matchstick Man ( Ridley Scott )
Swimming Pool ( Francoiz Ozon )
Infernal Affairs II
No Where In Africa
Twilight Samurai ( Yoji Yamada )
Millenium Actress

Quite a number on non commercial films, good breathers in between your standard Hollywood fare. I'm hoping the cinemas here would bring a few highly acclaimed Korean titles like Memories of Murder ( shot by DP Kim Hyung-gu, who also did One Fine Spring Day )and Wonderful Days ( heavy tanker in Korea ), but we'll see.