Monday, December 31, 2001

yours are most confusing, evil rei hahhahaha ... is that u ? it dun sound quite the same, somehow!
& if the dark cloud should grow into a thunder storm, the seed that survives & grows, would most certainly be a stronger plant/tree/orchid flower (?), than most other bathed in sunlite.
aniway, it dun matter, after all, if ppl who once booed u, can come shake ur hand another time, like u are the greatest person they ever met, it really dun matter. ( they may still boo u another time ... & they may still come shake ur hand another another time ... hahahahaha )
"who do u think u are to think that u can confuse me" by this sentense, i can see that how proud this person are..~ hmmm...... I can onli say that at time people just see themself as god and never come to realise they, like all are just human..~ But sometime a person just need to be very confident about one-self to survive in the real world. "Confusing" people, some people just see it as a talent, a virtue to "confuse" people. I would say that all people with the help of language, do confuse people, making other think and u, urself as god. From my point of view, i would say it's evil...~ It's a sin. People like me, i think .., think so much and meeting this kind of people who think they got the wisdom to bring life, start posting toopid question making themself holy like, yet posted back the question they will not have an answer, will kill those poeple who are constantly on the thinking. A wise people do post this kind of a question, and they do help the needy see a clearer picture not a picture but a open ended picture for the needy to see. Not just post and let the needy rot. Or even just point out a dead and fix road and tie the needy down to the road. I would say every people have the ablitiy to "confuse" other by their thought and words and comments not just onli the holy want to be people. So i caution all people out there to use their words with care, as u may lay a dark cloud over a growing seed, engulfing the seed, screening away the sunlight.

Sunday, December 16, 2001

I'm quite ashamed to say that I've never quite made it past the first chapter of LOTR since I bought the book when I was in secondary two, but the recent release of its theatrical rendition have made it compelling to pick it up again, and I'm now in the middle of The Two Towers. Can't wait to see the movie itself, hope it doesn't disappoint ! Then again, that might be too much to ask, for it certainly wouldn't match a world crafted by word and powered by the imagination.

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

I know you guys miss my fanatical rantings...
well now its LOTR !!!!!!!!!!!!

finished the book..and can't wait to watch the movie....

And I've been really busy ingame DAoC (dark age of camelot), now that I've formed a guild and all....
Lotsa stuffs to organize and moderate the forum.

Anywayz if you guys see the dvds Farinelli and Orlando (which i really doubt..but ya never know) PLEASE lemme know ASAP! thanx

gotta get back to talking to Galadriel in my head.

Tuesday, December 11, 2001

the last time i went i noe they sell stanley kubrick collection, think it s 3 of the movies at really much cheaper than normal ... wah but that they oready got moulin rouge!!! ... tmr mus go!!
Thought you guys might want to know there's this videoshop in Peninsula Plaza along the roll of shops facing Saint Andrew's cathedral called LASERflair that sells quite along of dvd titles. I happened to had a look inside the other day and realized they were already selling moulin rouge 2 disc dvd set at 47.90, not bad at all. they also have some code 1 dvd titles that are really quite cheap. i bought Deep Impact at 30 bucks.

Monday, December 10, 2001

coming out nice..~

Sunday, December 09, 2001

ahaaaa ... looking good !!! she s materialising!! keep going manzzz ... hey things r looking promising, maybe u want to rig the body then work on the cloth sim, less problem and avoid possible double work : )

Saturday, December 08, 2001

[ memento mori ] update

My first update in months !!! Blasted simcloth and all. I'm still gasping for breath and the think there's lots more to worry about...but I'll try my best...

Monday, December 03, 2001

wah liao, 3rd jan me still in reservist leh ... cant imagine what i m doing on that day ... so many years neber been in an army camp ... hahaha... but u all NS ppl mus be saying what s the big deal! hahaha ...
Okie folks latest update on Avalon screening date from - it opens only on the 3rd of jan next year.
Paiseh Gatchaman, really needed a break that afternoon from all the work and all, so neber chio. I'll try and post more pictures...althought most of them didn't really look so fantastic. Anyway...think i'll continue working in 3D...problematic as it is...i think its still more concieivable than 2.7D...the latter which I think I'll still be stucking drawing inbetweens by the time I ORD. Thanks for the advice and encouragement.

ps. anyone saw the avalon cinema schedule anywhere ? papers, etc. they'are supposed to have started screening it. odd.

Saturday, December 01, 2001

wah blaue reiter go neber jiao leh :P
like really nice place to take pics, upload more of ur masterpiece to share with us?
dun stop the whole production, you can always go back to ur very original plan, 2.7D (tat how u call it, rite?) it s hard, esp u r in NS to do 3d characters, i ve jus spent last 2 days changing settings quite blindly on cloth simulation, only to have exploding pants everytime ... setup is the most torturous & taxing phrase ... but to me it 's the price to pay for creative freedom (to a certain degree) in one-man production ... but very sianz, i still cant see the logic in all those numbers in the cloth sim...
will try to upload the motion test on my character setup (no cloth sim), but the movs quite big, mus registered & all tat for new place to upload.