Saturday, December 01, 2001

wah blaue reiter go neber jiao leh :P
like really nice place to take pics, upload more of ur masterpiece to share with us?
dun stop the whole production, you can always go back to ur very original plan, 2.7D (tat how u call it, rite?) it s hard, esp u r in NS to do 3d characters, i ve jus spent last 2 days changing settings quite blindly on cloth simulation, only to have exploding pants everytime ... setup is the most torturous & taxing phrase ... but to me it 's the price to pay for creative freedom (to a certain degree) in one-man production ... but very sianz, i still cant see the logic in all those numbers in the cloth sim...
will try to upload the motion test on my character setup (no cloth sim), but the movs quite big, mus registered & all tat for new place to upload.

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