Sunday, May 18, 2003

Almost every other blog that I've visited have their owners writing about Matrix Reloaded and how it holds up, so I guess I won't dwell more about that. Instead...

Best dressed : The Merovingian Twins, complete with thick mascara and dreadlocks.

Worse dressed : Everyone else living down in Zion.

Best dressed female : Persephone ( black shiny outfits just got boring after a while )

Best/Worse philosophical banter : Chocolate cakes and going to the loo.

Best line, unanimously : "Sample this." ( Trinity setting her pistol on Persephone )

Anyway, if I were Neo, I'll choose Persephone over Trinity anytime. *laughs*

Friday, May 02, 2003

With my last film Dolls by Takeshi Kitano showing this coming Saturday, the film festival have once again come to and end for another year. Having caught 9 films altogether ( the biggest number since my first film fest ), many of which were packed on consecutive evenings, I must say its has been quite a chore ( I dozed off in the early part of Russian Ark ). As much as I enjoy watching movies, I don't believe in movie marathons for I feel to fully appreciate and "digest" the gist of the films you need to cater time for recovery from all the visuals and ideas still swirling inside your head, arty film festival movies more so.

On a sidenote, I've become increasing annoyed and resentful of a few individuals who dwell within the Singapore International film festival forum, criticizing any and every directors' ( including Royston Tan's 15, which won a FIPRESCI award ) work as been weak, undeserving, sucky, and whatever detracting word they can find. Its amusing how they could spend all their time in the forum writing lengthy reviews discrediting works when they've never so much as written a single line of script or shot a single take of film. What even made them think they are in a position to judge a piece of film work ? To quote Al Pacino in the movie Insomnia, where he was chastising an inept superior who never took part in any real action : "You, and all the assholes like you, risk nothing, spend the whole day sucking the marrow out of real cops when you just don't have the balls to be one yourself. "

Its at least comforting to realize that the filmmakers themselves are probably too wrapped up in some future work that they never have time to visit any of these forums filled with self consumed film critics.