Friday, November 30, 2001

I finally took time off my regular schedule ( book out of camp, laze at home, stare at Max interface, but not working much, etc ) to travel down to Tanjong Pagar train station for the photo shoot i've promised myself. Its actually my first time there and I was lucky enough I didn't get lost in Shenton Way where directions and pacing gets too frenetic and chaotic. Once there my impression of a bustling, active train station was quickly replaced by empty waitiong halls and vacant platforms. I quickly changed my compositional interests to mundane activities and it was just as satisfying, in as sense. Next shoot, Duck race.

Recently memento mori have been taking severe beatings in its production schedule as I languished at home pulling my hair over seemingly insurmountable technical issues. Energy and zest is draining rapidly, and I must find a way to start working again or risk stopping work altogether.

Monday, November 26, 2001

Folks remember the Avalon trailer that we missed on Saturday ? I was talking to Jason and he told me that said it'd be out on the 29th November...supposedly. that's good news.

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

yah blaue reiter u better not breathe a word abt the 4th book! but heard some important character s gonna die ... hmmm ... dumbledore? ohhhh ... dun tell mi !!!
I think i've just been hit by a big bout of Harry Potter fever, albeit a few months later than the recent craze. The Goblet of Fire was both amusing and pleasurable to read, and many a times I found myself laughing out loud ( with much dismay from my campmates ) the nonsense that Ron and Hermoine ( Harry's best friends ) can come up with. The end of the story came as quite a sombre one, but I wouldn't say what happened lest Gatchaman complains he haven't read ! Anyway, i can't seem to escape Potter today. On my way back home today I realized the train cabins were infiltrated by panel after panel of Harry Potter movie ads, and walking past one Bossini shop the promotional posters were screaming Harry Potter T-shirts. Now all I need to do is to catch the movie...please make it good !

Sunday, November 18, 2001

dear peishan, although there r some chime words i dunnoe in ur sophiscated msg, but i do ve some opinions of this 'condition' of yours. i think the day u can 'paint ur ravage feelings on a canvas (without the aid of device of any kind, or brutully extracting your heart), or when u can express in words 'the image that burns like supernova', or when u manage to get some answers from a monologue ... u ll be a trully great artist, haha ... there jus some ppl who ve gone thro this frustrating stage as great artists and some that are still going thro it ... like u and me?
but looking at the way u crafted ur sentences so artfully ... hmmmm ... maybe u are much much nearer there than mi laio ... me still using singlish leh ... think u r almost there laio ... another 10, 20 years maybe ? :P and my mind is already so messup ... there isnt much u can do anyway ... hehehehe
reading the las 2 paragraphs again now myself ... seems to sound a bit sarcastic ... but pls be assured tat s nevber my intention ... jus trying to be smart alec here ahahahaha ...
frankly, dun take mi too seriously on this crap ... like i always take myself too seriously .. and lose the fun of it.
Wat am I feeling? Why don't we have the devices to extract our hearts from within our chest and dab it on a piece of blank canvas? Why? For it may paint, in a somewhat incomprehensible way, the feelings that ravage it. How is it possible that wat is going thru my mind, isn't that which pours forth from this orifice on my face? Wat good is speech if it doesn't dictate that image that burns like a supernova in my mind? Why these questions? Will I ever stop asking why? Do we get definate answers from a monologue?

A mind like scambled egg, I say. You can't make out the yellows from the whites, and it fluffs up and outwards threatening the limits of the skull which confines it. I had scrambled eggs just 2 days ago and I was poking around the leftovers with a designer fork, like someone is poking around my delicate information processing machine now. And someone told me it's where my soul resides. It's where YOUR soul lies protected within the cranium.

So let me make you a proposition. Close your eyes. And let me, once and for all, mess up your mind.

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Dunnoe if it is useful ornot but, . directed to vong.

Tuesday, November 13, 2001

basheer how com sell the monster inc book for 76????? like even more ex than page one ... then the evanglion groundworks for the movie come out oso ... 79++ .... then see that 27++ spirits away book evil rei got ... then see another spirit away hardcover showing still frames book 34 ++ ....
gatchaman din buy any of the above ... cos this month got 2 sanman (wedding angbao) ... sob sob ...

Friday, November 09, 2001

Le Pacte Des Loups ( Brotherhood of the Wolf ) is big in France. Even the dvd is already out, and I was eyeing this 3 disc collector's edition where they had tons of extra material and the interface menu looked really great, plus a special leather cover. . Blast, it doesn't have any english subtitles !! Sadness !!

Wednesday, November 07, 2001

i go this afternoon .. only one left ... and not in very good condition ...evil rei u still ve a chance :P

Tuesday, November 06, 2001

wah liao ... so cheappppppppppppp? how many left?? damn ... i ve 2 ang bao to give this month, still mus spent ... die ah
roger that..~

Monday, November 05, 2001

Thanks for the link Gatchaman. Will check it out soon.

Folks, Popular Bookshop is either extremely generous with its offers, or they simply haven't a heck of an idea how much they should price their books. INDUSTRIAL LIGHT AND MAGIC : THE ART OF SPECIAL EFFECTS ( THE FIRST BOOK, NOT THE ONE ON DIGITAL REALM ) IS NOW GOING FOR $49.90 AT POPULAR, BRAS BASAH. Now that's a deal you don't find everyday, in fact, any day. Hurry before stocks run out !!!!! *especially directed to rei*
rite, blaue reiter, the brazil renderer i ve told u abt ...
Came across this site I thought was relatively useful. It actually does reviews and content descriptions for various japanese illustration and anime magazines, very up to date. Even comickers is included. There are some other useful stuff I think should be lurking around.

This is the comickers contents page :

Do tell if there's anything else useful around on this site.

Friday, November 02, 2001

shan, next time u do tat again, remember to gimme a call, for all u noe, u may end up at my void deck, thinking: oh oh, i m lost i m lost, how exciting ...
the above hypothesis to show that singapura is very small lor, i still feel safe to be lost ... if in other countries, and when nite falls in the middle of some deserted area ... halleluah!!
have u guys tried taking a bus to some unknown housing estate and get totally lost? its really cool, coz it makes S'pore feel less boring and alot bigger, to me at least...hehehehe
Rei must be thinking about too many things as he's been at home for too long and drawing too much. Let's go watch a movie soon, Jet Li's the One, Monsters' Inc all out soon.

Gatchaman, regarding the photo shoot, i'm sure we can arrange a day for that. My next place of shoot would be the Tanjong Pager train station, think its a nice place. But i've been stuck with my work that I haven't found time for that at all.

Thursday, November 01, 2001

evil rei, why do u even tink of leaving footsteps on history? u mus be either a man of true great inspirations, or a egomaniac like mi ... hahahahaha ...
look, keep doing 1 same thing all the time ll only make u crazy ... and u ll find it harder and harder for breakthroughs ... even u say it s your life passion. when u do something, love someone, put in a lot, and expect a return in some form, and most ppl do so in 1 way or another, the only possible happy ending is u r rewarded accordingly, which is not always the case. but if it s simply the process of doing or loving that makes u enjoy oready, then the outcome may not be so important ... it s alright to want something badly, but be ready to deal with the sense of lost that almost always comes along.
the las paragraph i m writing for myself, sorry i ferget to tell u 1st huh, evil rei ...
ohhh ... for your case ah ... i jus wan to say u dun need to ask so much of yourself all the time.
actaulli, i tink u should take up writing lessons from blaue reiter or shan, or if tat dun sound good, join in the dvd craze, or come let s go shoot photos, jus dun touch your drawing pencil/walcom pen for 3 months!!! u may ve a lot to draw after tat!!
It have always been a treat to read wat miss nah xiao jie and our mr blaue's writing / essay
like u'r writing very much..~ but it's a pity i can't write as good as u guys..~ hope i can express more of my self thru drawing and painting.
(expressing myself thru painting/ drawing, am i ...~~ do i..~~..hmmm........)
believe it ornot i got to check the dictionary for the word pity juz because i forgot, i can't believe myself..~
i have doubt posting this message, like kind of zhou bo loh..~ been thinking too much..~
i really hope that i, in fact people like blaue and gatchaman and me and even miss nah can really work our way up and be someone
someone who will be like respected for watever we do... i will be really sad if i even trap myself in a world of my own thinking that i'm great.~
I seriously hope i can find more of myself juz as u guys do thru writing. i really feel empty when i draw too much. composition. a person's composition, the quote" u are wat u read and wat u eat" kind of have more and more deeper meaning now than ever.~
hmmm..... think i losing myself ..~ like a bit drama drama like...~ ai but wat the hack..~ all people here noe ray and ray tok nonsense..~muahahahahaaa..~~
action speak louder than wordss..~~~ think that is one of the qoute i got to drill into my mind.. may i put my thought into action...
and may we all grow and blossom and be respected and be admire..for wat we are for wat we do ..~~ leaving a great footstep in the history of artistry

It's one of those small little things. Trifle friction blown out of proportion by human emotions, or lack of ability to just sit down and walk through this life-size puzzle. for many months now it has struck me that the feeling of being in love is akin to wandering for extended hours in a maze of roses. When you take your first step in, you are instantly bewitched by the reds and yellows and feisty thorned stems that encircled the exquisitely groomed walls. Your senses seemed momentarily heightened and boosted your ego is soothingly appealed to by this opulent splendor. But I thought, surely a day will come, when one had had just enough with walking into a dead end or encircling an arc that you were sure you hadn't passed a moment ago. This nomadic freedom suddenly transformed itself into a repition. A monochrome photograph from a dubious date. And you, the bona fide princess or prince, stopped short and looked around for the first time in a Loong looooong time. And you realized there weren't any roses. For if they were there then surely it must be a figment of your imagination.

Love is crazy. Its just one word but love can never satisfy itself with some kinda self-explanation. It's wat a million words can't explain. It induces a variety of chemical reactions in the human body, that results from a burning sensation in the groin area, to nipping a chunk off your tongue while stammering. Love puzzles and enlightens you at the same time. It's the next substitute for oxygen and a society can't function without it's existence. It's THE most undefinable word, yet ironically simple. For we feel love more than we talk love. When we discuss love we always discuss how it makes us feel. How his hot wet kiss left your heart pounding, and how the sound of her laughter made you walk funny. Everything it holds for us is at the simplest, most visceral level. You can't work it out mathmatically, neither can you equate it. It's a stand alone emotion, and a pandora's box reinvented. We sometimes experience a similar sequence of heart pounding, pounding pounding, phone ringing, phone ringing, laughing, joking, discussions of childhood phobias and the mole on your sole, confessions of wicked fantasies, heavy panting, heavy panting, snoring, dial tone, dial tone, sorries, door slams shut, snoring, screaming, lamentations, more screaming, door slams for the last time. This is condensed, surely you'll understand. It all comes together into this huge symphony of life, but all you're hearing is really the resonating Love... And love encompasses those of heterosexuals, homosexuals, sisterhood, brotherhood, family, backalley and transgendered. If anybody reading this doesn't belong to any of the above mentioned categories, PLEASE drop me an email...

But why am I rattling on about love? what DO i know about love? Oh so little. And yes I'm feeling torn today, conflicting inside with warring emotions. I am at the Dial tone phase of the sequence. And unashamedly, i congratulated myself for not being the one who got the "~watever! *click* Dooo....doooo...dooo...dooo* treatment. In fact i executed it beautifully. It worked coz it flared nostrils and clenched teeth. But for what ends I don't know. I'm not even typing properly. My eyes are rolling back, my eyebags half threatened to inflate disproportionately...and I'm not checking for grammatical mistakes. This was written for love, and let's have it end with just that. Love dictates that I deal with today in equanimity. And surely it commands me to sleep now.....and let my Rapid Eye Movement do its job....ZZZzzZzZZZZzZzzzZzzz

how s abt a full day photo outing 1 fine day? let s bring every camera we ve got and shoot day to nite until we drop! hahahahhaa ... wan a not?