Sunday, November 18, 2001

dear peishan, although there r some chime words i dunnoe in ur sophiscated msg, but i do ve some opinions of this 'condition' of yours. i think the day u can 'paint ur ravage feelings on a canvas (without the aid of device of any kind, or brutully extracting your heart), or when u can express in words 'the image that burns like supernova', or when u manage to get some answers from a monologue ... u ll be a trully great artist, haha ... there jus some ppl who ve gone thro this frustrating stage as great artists and some that are still going thro it ... like u and me?
but looking at the way u crafted ur sentences so artfully ... hmmmm ... maybe u are much much nearer there than mi laio ... me still using singlish leh ... think u r almost there laio ... another 10, 20 years maybe ? :P and my mind is already so messup ... there isnt much u can do anyway ... hehehehe
reading the las 2 paragraphs again now myself ... seems to sound a bit sarcastic ... but pls be assured tat s nevber my intention ... jus trying to be smart alec here ahahahaha ...
frankly, dun take mi too seriously on this crap ... like i always take myself too seriously .. and lose the fun of it.

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