Thursday, November 01, 2001

evil rei, why do u even tink of leaving footsteps on history? u mus be either a man of true great inspirations, or a egomaniac like mi ... hahahahaha ...
look, keep doing 1 same thing all the time ll only make u crazy ... and u ll find it harder and harder for breakthroughs ... even u say it s your life passion. when u do something, love someone, put in a lot, and expect a return in some form, and most ppl do so in 1 way or another, the only possible happy ending is u r rewarded accordingly, which is not always the case. but if it s simply the process of doing or loving that makes u enjoy oready, then the outcome may not be so important ... it s alright to want something badly, but be ready to deal with the sense of lost that almost always comes along.
the las paragraph i m writing for myself, sorry i ferget to tell u 1st huh, evil rei ...
ohhh ... for your case ah ... i jus wan to say u dun need to ask so much of yourself all the time.
actaulli, i tink u should take up writing lessons from blaue reiter or shan, or if tat dun sound good, join in the dvd craze, or come let s go shoot photos, jus dun touch your drawing pencil/walcom pen for 3 months!!! u may ve a lot to draw after tat!!

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