Wednesday, November 21, 2001

I think i've just been hit by a big bout of Harry Potter fever, albeit a few months later than the recent craze. The Goblet of Fire was both amusing and pleasurable to read, and many a times I found myself laughing out loud ( with much dismay from my campmates ) the nonsense that Ron and Hermoine ( Harry's best friends ) can come up with. The end of the story came as quite a sombre one, but I wouldn't say what happened lest Gatchaman complains he haven't read ! Anyway, i can't seem to escape Potter today. On my way back home today I realized the train cabins were infiltrated by panel after panel of Harry Potter movie ads, and walking past one Bossini shop the promotional posters were screaming Harry Potter T-shirts. Now all I need to do is to catch the movie...please make it good !

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