Monday, July 28, 2003

"Marriage is a Crazy Thing" is one interesting movie. There's just something indescribably honest and introspective about Korean arthouse films ( notable are 2 other films, "One Fine Spring Day" and "Take Care of my Cat" ) that I am unable to describe lucidly with my limited vocabulary and lexicon but which I shall dub as the "korean aesthetic" for easier referencing in the future. Only this time, it takes on a more adult theme with some fairly explicit love scenes, but that hardly gets in the way of good storytelling.

Here's an illuminating review :

and ditto :

Go watch it before its gone.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Despite Finding Nemo's well intentioned story of a father's love for his son and his eventual coming of age, the coda a catharsis of freedom, their real life brethren have no such luck. Quite on the contrary, the success and popularity of the film has meant a dramatic surge in demand for clown fishes as pets, more often known just as Nemo. This is a sad, sad irony, the antithesis of the cause and intentions of the film. While marine hobbists and nature lovers are sure to sound out, urging prudence before buying, I fear these will fall on nothing but deaf ears.