Monday, August 13, 2001

The Legend of Zu

Tsui Hark's latest work, The legend of Zu, is probably his biggest miss ever. This film promises so much yet delivers too little.
Drawing references from the ever famous chinese literary work "The Zu Mountain Warriors", he had the equivalent of a Eastern
Lord of the Rings plot on his hands, but in his urge to catch up on the ratrace of sfx, falls short of even an acceptable storyline
with egregrious editing and some really, really bad effects shots. This could have been such a good movie, trust me. There
were still some nice shots in the movie, if that's any compensation. I really, really like the character design of Cecilia Cheung
( Li Yinjie, aka as Dawn ) as she looks back, poised in a fairy like beauty with her flowy garbs and the Moon Orb Blade circling
her body. ( see inset picture ). Please, if any of you folks catch a glimpse of this picture anywhere in a magazine, full page spread,
let me know !

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