Friday, August 24, 2001

I know my reaction to what I am gonna say will seem to some as kinda belated...but it has indeed left a wondrous little feeling in me. O_o !
Trying hard to keep myself from dozing (sorry! but Max is taking forever to save this damn scene!), I surfed while waiting for a simple and mundane action of saving and closing a file to be processed in the mechanical cerebrum of my beloved (NOT! ) PC. And out of sheer boredom I searched for names in Yahoo...names of friends, myself, my bf...just to see if they pop up in the unlikeliest places...and they did! Stumbled into this guestbook signed by one of my best friends in 1998! It was this Wedge Anitlles (SWOON!!!!) website dedicated to his cult and worship. It was amazingly detailed, tracing wedge's past and his career (albeit ruined by bad font colour, think Neon Green on tiled starfield BG), basically everything you would possibly wanna know about a man, or GOD if you will...ahhahahaa...hmm, i keep wondering how his "anatomy" would be like....hahahaha *shriek!*. OKIE, but enuff of wedgie baby, now I'm straying from the main topic here.

Next I followed a string of links to my bf's antiquated website, well not really a site, more like a splash page with no possible links. And if dust exists in the virtual world, it'll probably be covered with cobwebs like some archaic tome by now...ahhahaa...And the nostalgia just hit me...this is a website done by him before we've even met...hahahaa...And I thought, this was what he was doing on 8 Jan 1996!

Well, so after i got over the reminiscing I went on to search for piccys of the cute Qoo character (its the new jap soft drink, for those whose been under a rock). Somehow, i still can't figure how, i found myself here:
No he isn't anybody I know, just another stranger on the vast expanse of WWW. SO i just read his ramblings about his life, from accounts of him watching a movie alone to his book reviews. I am reading about HIM. About some faceless stranger I haven't even spoken to, and amongst the billions of websites in the world I stumbled into His. It's amazing. I call it fate! hah! but seriously I think it is. Which is why I believe in signing guestbooks, coz in some way I felt that there's a small but palpable contact between the other party and me. It sometimes lead to a tete-a-tete and that is what sparks such ineffable joy. It's always such a pleasure to know another soul in the world. To be connected! hahaa, now I realize I have never felt the meaning of this phrase in its most intrinsic sense...sigh....well better late than never.... =DDDD
Gotta go town now...makaning with parents...Welcome back Waiming! Do u need any counter jet lag yoga lessons? hehehee....

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