Saturday, August 18, 2001

Excerpt from Legend of Zu Translated by Der Blaue Reiter

The full moon hung silently in the night sky, its illuminance failing to penetrate the omnious clouds that shrouds the troubled lands.
Already, the minions of the Blood Sprite are stirring to life, seeking to awaken in the dank obscurity that had sheltered them
since their last defeat. South of the Zu Mountains, in the desolated grounds of Kunlun, the only two remaining disciples of the sect,
Dawn,last of the Moon Orb Sprites and her disciple, Skye, confronts the surge of the blight, its energy beckoning their own.

"Their powers grow stronger everyday with his return. They feed on it, bathe in its maglinant shroud of negative force. If we
do not face them now, our own ki will be enervated and diminished. "

"We have always acted independently of the other sects. Zu is strong in numbers, but that slows them down. We will strike
first then. "

"How long have you followed me, Skye ?"

"Two hundred years."

"Two hundred years. How little I have changed. My late teacher's shadows haunt me like a crepuscular soul that refuses to
leave my psyche.I can never be rid of his memories when I meditate; which is also why I have had little progress in my skills.
You must leave me Skye. You must carry on your training without me and not follow in my footsteps. "

Robes billowing in the wind, Dawn turned about and called forth the Moon Orb Blade, a glimmering arc of light reflecting off its
polished surface as it wheeled around her body,her lifeforce imbued in the blade. In a graceful, fluid movement, Dawn bought the
blade to bear and sent it hurling towards Skye. By a matter of pure instinct and swift reflexes, he summoned his own defences,
the Sun Orb shield flaring to life as it enveloped his body in a shimmering, incadescent light.

"This is the Moon Orb Blade. I have carried it with me for as long as I can remember, and its lifeforce mirrors my own. It is now yours.
One day, when you have mastered its stance, wield it forth, and the Blade will allow you to find me. Until then, do not seek me out."

"The Sun and Moon Orb scriptures are Kunlun's most formidable weapons. What if the demons were to attack ? How will you
defend yourself ? "

"My existence will be in the tidings of your failure or success, Skye. There is no need to worry unduly about me. Go now. "

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