Thursday, March 14, 2002

Well...the camera I used for this picture isn't actually a lomo ( I don't think "you know where" would be using a lomo for work. they are basically against anything individual and creative. *in controlled tone* ) Anyway, its a relatively expensive Polaroid camera, a big sized one for that matter, that is used mainly for taking passport sized pictures ( ie the same kind of format that was seen in Amelie ). Right at "you know where" its used for...identification purposes. Shan't elaborate any further. for Gatchaman's idea of taking photos for remembrance...i've been planning it all along ! I've already decided on the things I want to take - the long, long winding path that I have to walk every time I book into camp, ( where if i'm walking along at night I swear to you I can count a thousand stars in the sky, its that dark and quiet ) my standard army locker, and er...shan't elaborate any further. I hope they don't do a spotcheck the day I smuggle in a camera though...i be very very screwed...indeed

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