Wednesday, March 06, 2002

[ copied from an identical post from Daydreamer blog ;) ]

I'm bored tonite...and broke...and yearning more strongly than ever to take a plunge into the sea, in my full getup of Mares Scuba!

I have been silent for too long....and suddenly tonite I found this old backup CD of mine containing the old stuffs I wrote...angsty and fiery that characterized my earlier styles.
Sigh....and pugnacious too... But it's been fun to re-read what my mind conjured in years long past (well, ok, so it's only like 4 years ago.) How I've changed since!
How life has shaped me, now beating me in, now moulding a new arm elsewhere. sigh...

Listening to: Hotel Costes: Costes La Suite. I can't stress enuff how ingenious this compilation is. It's a Dancing-trance inducer. I SWEAR!
reading: The Silmarillion. well, I lament that LOTR can't be infinite...but thank gawd they published this book and The Unfinished Tales...

I am gonna copy and paste this same post into Halcyon Realm now. ;)

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