Tuesday, December 31, 2002


okie...here goes me and my stupid antics about movies again. Choose - the top 10 films of 2002, although its hard to be objective and we all have our preferences...but i'm quite certain a few movies will still stand out with superior screenplay, cinematography, art direction and the like. To make it fair, i've only listed the movies that we've watched ( which should be pretty much the same, give or take a few ). For the whole list, refer to the comments box / click on the comments link.

This is my list : ( not in any order of merit )

1) Road to Perdition ( Mendes )
2) Minority Report ( Spielberg )
3) One Fine Spring Day ( Jinho )
4) Infernal Affairs ( Keung Lau/Fai Mak )
5) Insomnia ( Nolan )
6) The Man who wasn't there ( Coen brothers )
7) Spring Subway ( Yibai )
8) No Man's Land ( Tanovic )

Can't seem to find any enough films to top the ten slots...to do so would have been a little forced. Asian movies still has quite a stand with 2 Chinese shows and 1 Korean, plus a foreign movie. Excellent cinematography for Man who wasn't there, and Minority Report certainly boasts the best art direction in any movie i've seen this year, at least the most impressionable for me. Over to you guys.

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