Sunday, March 16, 2003

SIFF update

Films confirmed ( tickets booked )

1) Dolls 3rd May Saturday 4pm
2) A Tree of Palme 26th April Saturday 4pm
3) City of God 29th April Tuesday 915pm
4) Winged Migration 25th April Friday 7pm
5) Man Without a Past 23th April Wednesday 7pm
6) Dazzling 21st April Monday 7pm

Films for consideration

1) Bowling for Columbine 27th April Sunday 7pm
2) Bokunchi 1st May Thursday 915pm
3) Russian Ark 30th April Wednesday 915pm
4) September 11 2nd May Friday 915pm
5) Love ar 7-11 27th April Sunday 7pm

For movie synopsis please visit Film recommendations welcomed.

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