Monday, August 16, 2004

Kickstarting the 2nd installment of the Spiderman series with a montage of comic panels by the great artist Alex Ross was certainly a welcoming way to setup the right mood, prepping the audience for the story ahead, and despite in my opinion, parts of the film that suffered from a rather awkward pace of editing and several repetitive scenes that didn't quite add additional value to the narrative, Spiderman 2 still scores pretty well with fantastically choreographed action sequences ( those who are somewhat familiar with CG, compositing and rotoscoping will have an idea just how much work was needed for the seamless integrated movement of Dr Oct's tentacles ) and the ever enjoyable J.Jameson, Parker's Daily Bugle boss spewing note-perfect, rapidfire caustic. Of course, "drowning" out a mini sun in the city's river depths was laughably ridiculous.

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