Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A mere five minutes viewing into Night Shyamalan's The Village and I could have swore the dvd was worth buying almost on pure account of DOP Roger Deakin's most handsome photography work. This must be Night's most aesthetically pleasing film to date, plot notwithstanding. Despite setting out watching this film with full knowledge of its eventual plot development credit certainly must be given to Night's attuned ability to craft scenes crammed with suspense and fear, when actually most of the time little was actually happening.

2 things that I found extremely displeasing - 1) *SPOILERS" Noah chancing upon one of those spook suits. "He found one of the suits under the floor board !" How very convenient for plot advancement ! This is as shoddy as anything, see Mr Mckee shaking his head in resignation. 2) Night's cameos. Now we all understand Hitchcock did it too for most of his films, and it was fun to watch him, almost like a cinematic Where's Wally Game, but here Night's appearance is terribly irritating, given how obtrusive and deliberate his cameos are, even if its just a reflection.

Film production discussions aside, I simply don't agree with the story's Luddite point of view. To deny one's own offspring the wonders and beautiful knowledge of science is an infinitely selfish act. Now this ranks just right below on the hate-meter for me for anyone who strives to promote fatalism, but you'll have to watch Night's previous film for that.

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