Monday, September 25, 2006

A seemingly perpetual drizzle that lasted 3 days washed away the arid summer heat and with it came numbing, piercing gails, the sure harbinger of autumn, rattling the flimsy wooden window panels of my old house. Interestingly, this transitional change in the seasons, though happening a thousand miles away from home, brings back very vivid memories of Singapore, rainy days where the temperature drops and huge storm clouds would loom in the sky, casting a bluish, melancholic mood over everything and one could almost feel the rain before the first drops have even started to fall.

Am I homesick ? Perhaps. Or maybe its just because it rains so seldom here in Tokyo (comparatively) that I relish those quiet moments of lucidity, that few precious seconds when everything seems to stand still, transporting me, albeit fleetingly, back home.

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