Wednesday, June 06, 2007

There's good reason for a little elation today as lighting for Freedom episode 4 is finally completed, a total of about 350 shots spread between me and my chief Matsui-san, averaging about 10 cuts per day. Its a big relief there were no Crab Robos ( folks who have been following the series should know these critters, nasty buggers not only in Eden but to us too, for they consist of so many individual moving parts our workstations slow down to a crawl whenever there is one in the scene; imagine having to light a dozen. ) this time round or we would have been dragging polygons through molasses again.

Over dinner with 2 of my colleagues at Sukiya banter turned to the topic of life after Freedom - where each of us are heading or are planning to do and Matsui-san expressed his interest in games design.

"Square Enix huh ?", I suggested, the obvious top candidate to mention.

"Jyoudanjyane ?( which roughly translates as "Are you kidding me ?" ) Advent Children was neat, but what if I get assigned to the fluid simluation detail ? I'll drown before the first week is up." and we had a good laugh.

If I may be allowed to explain his derangement, Matsui-san was just voicing his innate fear of pigeonhole specialization in Square Enix, or actually any other major effects company for that matter, where you can be assigned to a specific task, say, the effect of a drop of water landing on concrete; and drone on that task for eons. The bigger the company, the higher the risk. For the dauntless however, Square runs recruitment ads in CG World every month.


The Kentimator said...

I checked out from Square Enix recruitement website last time. The requirement for the animators is to submit a VHS format of demoreel. I was wondering how to dub my work on PC back to VHS format tape? And also wondering why don't they accept DVD or decently a data CD? Any clues from your friends and colleagues? haha.. thanks for the lobang.
BTW, I'm Kent, from M'sia, working now in Tokyo as well. Just came here for 6 months. (I think you've got the idea from my blog..haha) THanks for dropping by my blog anyway. haha..
I've been working in Singapore for the past 4-5 years. And now it's like a dream come true to me too, for being able to work in Japan. haha... Lets share about animation , if you don't mind. =) My email address:

The Kentimator said...

oh btw, i'm going back next week to Singapore to attend CGOverdrive conference. Will you be there? Anyway, nice to know you. Cheers!

Der Blaue Reiter said...

Hello Kent, I wish I had the chance to go back to Singapore too, but work is too hectic here. Where are you working now ? Do you know Boon Yik ? Its nice knowing you too. :]

The Kentimator said...

hahaa.. what a small small world. I know boon yik. I knew him since i was in singapore, and we came together to tokyo and we worked in Polygon Pictures. hahaa... =D
In case you have msn:
See ya around. Cheers!