Thursday, April 25, 2002

As of today I have exactly 6 months to the day when I'll start clearing my ORD leave. While six months may sound like a relatively short time, it really isn't in terms of army time. My "old bird" army friends warned me of this pre-ORD paranoia syndrome, where one gets more and more disillusioned and bloodied eyed counting the days left as they seem to just stretch longer as it gets nearer. I think i'm still quite sane. Maybe in 3 months time.

Anyway, I wouldn't be around for a week or so, will be on my ORD range. Yes, the last range that i'll have to attend in my NSF life. Music to the ears ! By the end of this week i can kiss goodbye to my M16 and let it lie patiently in the armskote waiting for its next faithful owner to come.

Until next week.

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