Saturday, December 13, 2003

Film review for Jane Campion's ( The Piano ) latest film, In the Cut, from British Film Institute's (BFI) publishing Sight and Sound Magazine, December Issue :

In verbatim : ( Final paragraph )

As finely wrought as In The Cut is, one could argue that it fails as a genre exercise. Experienced thriller fans will guess the killer quicker than it takes to recit and Emily Dickenson poem. But once the mystery's burned away, what's left is a minutely etched study in mood and female pyschology.

To read the full review ( highly recommended, but only after watching the film to avoid revealing plot points ), just click on the Comment's Box for this log entry.

Blaue Reiter : Now this is a film review. ( compare previous blog entry below ) Its not too difficult to surmise that the person or persons who contributed to the review below couldn't understand, hadn't the foggiest idea what the film was about after watching it, but decided to play it cool anyway and give it the "nude, very nude", "well, she strikes again" treatment, an unfortunate occurrence sad to say, ubiquitious in Asia's Premier movie magazine.

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