Thursday, December 04, 2003

Film review for Jane Campion's ( The Piano ) latest film, In the Cut, from local film magazine FIRST - ASIA'S PREMIER MOVIE MAGAZINE, December issue :

In verbatim :

"The first thing you probably want to know is : How nude does Meg Ryan get In the Cut ? In answer you your question, we'd like to say : Very, very nude. This is the one thing everyone is talking about when it comes to In the Cut, and we guarantee you this is the only thing anyone will remember. Ryan's body may be shapely, but the rest of the flick is a formless mess. We hate the murky colours. We hate the male lead. We hate the stupid and sluggish serial killer plot. Director Jane Campion caused a sensation by showing Harvey Keitel's privates in the Piano. Well, she strikes again. "


To Editors/writers of FIRST - ASIA'S PREMIER MOVIE MAGAZINE : For the love of film, please, go grab a copy of BFI's Sight and Sound magazine.

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