Monday, July 16, 2001

Dino trivia

Watched Jurassic Park 3 with the folks today. It was no where as awe inspiring as the first or engaging as the second,
but still and entertaining show nontheless. One thing though - Hollywood better get their dino facts right. Okie, call me
a show off, or a dino freak, but I gotta straighten this. In the early part of the show, there's a scene where a tyrannosaur
and a spinosaurus gets locked in a duel to the death. The fight ends with the spinosaur giving the tyrannosaur a
death dealing twist in the neck. Uh-uh, probably not going to happen. In a recent article in Life, Strait Times, the paper mentioned
that the spinosaur is bigger than the tyrannosaur. Sorry, not going to happen. To set the record straight, Spinosaur was
indeed one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs that ever lived, measuring a whopping 40-43 feet. The size of the dinosaur
portrayed in JP 3 would be a good indication of how big it would have been. But not bigger than Mr T. Hold on to your seats;
Tyrannosaurus Rex, undisputely the largest carnivour that had ever lived on planet earth ( you can check me out in any
dinosaur book, and you'll get the same information all the time ), measures a humungous 46-49 feet. Which means that
even the smaller than average tyrannosaur adult would have outsized the biggest spinosaur. Size aside, tyrannosaur's massive
jaws ( in fact, the jaws are so big his front paws have to be tiny so that he wouldn't tumble over ) would have made short work
of any other predatory dinosaur with a crunch of his maw. I can't help it, i've been a Mr T fan since kindergarten. I had to defend his
reputation. And don't even mention Barney.

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