Wednesday, July 25, 2001

Manchester what ??

I know some folks are probably going to trample me to death when they read this, but I got to admit : I don't watch soccer.
( or football, whichever one is the right term, can't be bothered with semantics here. ) I really don't watch
it. Which right about makes me a pariah, an aberrant entity in my camp, or right about anywhere on the
train where at least half the cabin's male passengers are stuck with their noses in the last few pages of
the New paper. "What ? Leeds lost ? Huh ? Chelsea's losing ground ?" This kind of conversation, though
so prevalent everywhere, is really just noise to me. I think my soccer lexicon is pretty much limited to David
Beckam ( did I even spell it right ? ), who, unless you've been under a rock, seems more famous even than
Bill Gates. Ryan Giggs is another notable exception, more because he was in that memorable, romantic watch
ad a few years back where those famous lines I remember still " I hope game never ends. When it ends, the
memories began ". other than that, I really don't know anything about the matches.
Maybe I'm just plain wierd. Luckily I'm accompanied by my equally eccentric folks here who luckily, shares my
apathy for football. Thank goodness.

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