Tuesday, January 01, 2002

[ vong's annual report for the year 2001 ]

A retrospect, as we usher in the new year, on what has come and gone. For a start this must had been the most uneventful and austere new year's eve to date, and I think few would disagree that slouching in my sofa watching the hundredth-rerun of John Woo's Broken Arrow on our local channel isn't the most exciting way to commemorate one, but I sure would remember it as the most boring. A few msgs from my handphone tells me the year had indeed passed, been evil rei messaging to say "happy new year!". Appreciated. Torn between an all-nighter at Sentosa or a pub-out with my friends, I realized my heart yearned for a noisy and not quite rational state of consciousness way to celebrate the new year, but the body was unwillingly and languished with stiff reluctance. So here I am, stuck at home and posting this blog, while the icq on my computer registers myself as the only person online, a clear indication that (i) the action is happening elsewhere or (ii) I have zero social life or (iii) both. I suspect the last holds true.

Anyway, as I comtemplate my pathetic social life, let me continue on my report. Financial returns are zero, acquisition of many dvds is still ongoing, as well as many wanted but not really needed books, Government ensures I keep my job rock steady for the next year, albeit one without bonuses but with many possible extras, and notion of rejoining the creative market gets ever increasing frantic and frenetic. Investment wise, memento mori moves on with the pace of a really, really old and worn out snail and investors ( me ) threaten to pull out if progress doesn't speed up. I foresee the production schedule stretching up like an elastic and occupying the whole of this coming year. Photography comes back after a long haitus, taking pictures is not a bad way to pass time altogether.

And its been an exciting year at the movies. My yet to be acquired dvds list grows ever longer but the rate of acquisition falls way behind. Year end was particularly spectacular marked with numerous fantastic shows like Monster's Inc, LOTR, Le Pacte and Amelie, just to name a few. Go on, dish them out. I'll eat them all and digest later.

And so the year have gone and a new one arrived, as I continue to work on my prolonged project, at the same time reading more, watching more, and do hope the next coming new year's eve is worth celebrating a lot more than the one that just past, at least, not with any more Woo flicks.

ps be glad to hear any one else's year end reports ! *laughs*

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