Tuesday, January 01, 2002

actually i typed mine report too earlier this morning but it s gone b4 i can post. i m in no mood to retype.
actaully u ve got not zero social life mah ... still got 2 invites for u to chose, jus that u too tired to go. by the time u get out of ur government job, eberyyything is gonna be alright. the only problem i see is that even u can buy more dvds when u start a decent job ... ur dvd list will still be as long. coz u buy more, u wan more.
i remember 1 good fren & colleague (really lucky at tis age to get new true fren) say to me : want what u have. i know the day i truly believe in it, i ll be a very happy man, but the day has not come yet. simple things like that are too hard for complicated ppl like me to embrace.
btw, i was reading the animator survival kit book on new year eve. wow .. am i tat passionate abt my craft??? din noe they r showing broken arrow, highly likely to be watching it if i did.

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