Sunday, January 13, 2002

I've got some questions regarding Spirited Away...I know it's probably the 100th time you guys are watching this splendid movie but I just caught it. It totally whisked me off where I sat in the GV theatre, right into Aburaya where I laughed, freaked out, cried and fell in love with the heroine....*sigh*

But anywayz....

If Haku is the God of the River (from wat I've gathered....forgive me if I made a grave mistake here), then why did he seek apprenticeship for magic long ago?

Rin doesn't seem to be one of the yunas, she looks human enuff in her own right, so how did she come to live there?

Erm...still can't figure out why no-face got chaotic while he was inside the bath house...And wat's with his affinity for Sen?

okie...methinks that's about it for now...if i can disgorge anymore queries, i'd be sure to check back here for the answers.... :)

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