Monday, October 01, 2001

HARLO everybodyz! Just got back from tioman and I can't wait to dive into its turquoise water again! It's beautiful for a place so surprisingly near Singapore. Last I checked Rawa Island is good too...but much smaller...
And one important thingy! I intend to go on a scuba diving course at the same school where my bf got his license...and I am looking for kakis!!! Interested party pls dial 98487059! hahahaa.....or just email me, icq me or leave a blog, whichever you're comfortable with. Snorkelling in tioman was an unforgettable experience...much to my chagrin I was stung by 2 jellyfishes...but the beauty of the corals couldn't stop me from diving in again and again, leaving the searing pain on my neck and arms aside! hahahaa
LUB IT!!!!

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