Tuesday, October 09, 2001

great werk! but jus some things i note: there s an overall smoothing problem, some ll be ok with meshsmooth but problem areas like the middle seam and the corner of the eyes may stand out more (by the meshsmooth) instead. maybe got to go in to move vertice by vertice inwards for the middle seam. the folds above the eyes i dunnoe how to resolve cos i dun noe the faces arrangement.
i oso think the top of the cheek(ie, part below the eyes) need to be lift up until the eyeball is like partly in it (dunnoe how to say properly). but this will happen when u pull in the hollow for the eyes, takes sometime to adjust. if u cut out the shape of the eye and extrude it inwards, then it ll not affect the vertices ard the eye hollow, save some work maybe. u can still maintain the big round eyes thingee and have a 'fuller' cheek.
las is the part below the lower lips, either u can try turning the direction of some edges (subobject under edit mesh) , if not go in move the vertices concerned ... tat wan i tink meshsmooth oso cant help if dun tweak, esp next time u wanna do morph mouth shapes opening etc.
sorri say so much dun noe make sense a not, but aniway this is stage 1, probably u oready doing the same changes now. : ) but the basic form is definitely there liao! really impressive esp when u r werking under such limited timeline!

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