Sunday, October 21, 2001

think the ponytail is a good solution, rather than a cheat. afterall we dun ve programming talents to solve the scientific stuff of hair moving ard. think the eyeball need not be a perfect sphere, it will fit better into the hollow that way. either adjust the hollow, or for me, i use x-form or ffd to change the eyeball to fit into hollow.but for my case, since i m using another hemisphere as the eyelids, i ve to apply the modifier to both shere and cant collapse them cos of a linked Xform below to control the eyelids opening.kinda troublesome. dunnoe how u do your eyelids, maybe for u it may be easier. also, a little comment on the pupils, i think even if she got big eyes,like manga babes, the pupils r never shown fully round (less in extreme shck expression). as in the top is mostly covered (or cropped, watever) a bit. unless she s supposed to have a 'staring' look.
really hope my comments are constructive wans ... and not fault finding : ) the overall look is getting better with the hair on, maybe u ll fine tune the face after sculpting the body! all the best manzzz!

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