Sunday, October 28, 2001

DVD technical jargon

Hi folks. For those who have a multi-coded player or those who are intending to get one, pay attention to this.Yesterday I had just popped my Final Fantasy DVD into my player and was about to start watching it when the disc started reading but flashed a world map screen on tv indicating that there's this REGIONAL CODING ENCHANCEMENT ( RCE ) digital crap thing that makes viewing on my player not possible. Some of that regional coding stuff. So I thought. This dvd is busted. But I checked Amazon and they had a work around for it ( yippee !! ) aka as cheat code. Just use the control and press up up, down down, left right, left right, A, B, start. Presto !!

Kidding. There's a particular sequence of numbers you have to enter. Check out their website here :

Just to let you folks know so next time when you buy or order a DVD look out for this stupid RCE. If there's another region release for the movie, skip this troublesome thingie.

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