Sunday, October 28, 2001

[ memento mori ] - updates

Since my last post on the head model of Nadja, progress have been little. It seems I've been running away from working on the body because there are so many problems that i'm facing !!! Gatchaman heeeelp me please !!! Some advice would be great...i've done a breakdown of the problems I have.

1) Animation of ponytail - can it be accomplished by just controlling it with a bone ? ( pretty much like an arm is controlled by the bone too ). Also, if I were to have additional trails of hair, ie fringe, etc, how would I animate it ? By morphing ?

2) Clothes - I've actually downloaded and installed a plugin called Sim clothes, the tutorial seems to show some really good results, but I haven't the foggiest idea how to use it. Do you think it'd be an extremely bad idea to have Nadja wear a skirt ? Because that would mean lots of work when she walks... How are you intending to do your clothes ?

3) Physique and biped...hahaha....haven't even touched these yet...i'm soooo afraid its not going to deform properly...and the animation part too...

ARRRGGH !!! So many problems !! Looks like you were completely right when you said 3D would be no less easier than 2D...I hate it so much because I have to learn so much technical indeed is the animator's biggest obstacle...dread dread i wish i could just do what I set out to do right now...animate the darn model !!!

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