Saturday, September 15, 2001

3 days have passed since I first witnessed the protected shield of America's supposed invincibility utterly pierced and collaspsed like a lacerated lung. And New York has been gasping for air since. And so have I. No words can adequately describe this turmoil that threatened to wreck me, but what I felt must have been minuscule next to the witnesses of this senseless massacre at the very foot of the wtc, or worse, those who had lost members of their family in this calamity.
Thoughts have yet been sorted out in my head. Sometimes I watch the old footage of that fateful crash and a new pang of surprise shook me, as if I was watching it for the first time. I will leave the acrimonious debate of the egregiously slack national security to the experts, the analyst and the armchair critic. For now, I will offer my prayers soundlessly whenever I close my eyes. Whatever form of retaliation America chooses to administer, I hope it wouldn't cost more innocent lives than all these single-minded extremists already had. It doesn't matter whose knees eventually buckle first or who suffers a more ignominious defeat...for the consequences would be shared amongst us all.

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