Monday, September 10, 2001

Haha...well Nahs...welcome back ! We do miss your presence, and
there's nothing to do with rantings of any kind. We really need good,
decent postings once in a while, and you do that right. :)

Anyhoo, i've watched watched A.I the second time with Rei and I still
can't decide what I want to say about the movie, mainly because it
deals with quite many a complex and moral issue that either standing
up for or against any of them seems rather difficult or impossible.

Also, we met up with one of our ex-classmate today, Dajie, who used
to be from the video major class. Says she's up with Mediaworks doing
part time editing for the news segments happening at night. Earns a steady
sum we heard, well at least, enough for her to go on backbacking from Paris
to Spain and then Italy. Damn it. I really want to do some travelling myself.
Been making plans once my NS liablities are over, Shinjuku, here I come.

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