Sunday, September 09, 2001


Have I really been making such a constant racket here, that my disappearance seems to cause such a drastic silence? hehehe. Yes, been quite busy recently.
And A.I. was indeed a treat. It was obvious what an impact it made on the audience when the credits started rolling, and the silence persisted for a moment or 2, before you heard the shuffling of feet. I am not about to get into all the details of what I love about this movie, and why it wrenches my heart so...coz I'll be writing till the wee hours. To summarize my thoughts, I was touched coz David led a tragic life without even being given the choice to be constructed. He was to embark on a journy of painful self discovery that he was never meant to. Yes you may say it made him stronger, but I'd say its cruel to make a child his age go through life's tribulations like this, Mecha or not. The years just showed in his eyes, innocently blue though they may seem, but the weariness will be forever imprinted in his soul (or system, in a mecha's case). But you get the idea.
And it touched me coz he was so brave. Never lacking in tenacity in seeking for his blue fairy. Intrepid when he jumped into the chopper and powered it up for the end of the world. And the bravest he was, when he faced with the fact that his mother could only be resurrected for a day, and yet he accepted it. Not only did he come to terms with the cruel fact, he enjoyed what little time he had with his most beloved. It was a love that truely prevailed the times and even apocalypse itself. And it was a love that we, proud and complacent as humans are, can probably never endure. And it definately taught us as a species, never ever to play god.

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