Tuesday, September 18, 2001

I almost demanded that my friends buy me that new tiny palm size camcorder for my bday. Methinks they almost burst into tears when I waved the leaflet infront of them with the staggering price tag of 2900. They have my deepest sympathy. And before everyone here starts spamming me about being a materialistic friend, I have to tell you I changed my mind about it. hahaha...even if I have 10 friends willing to chip in 100 bucks each, this latest piece of technology would still be an arms length away and locked behind a glass cabinet. SIGH!
and I wanted to have it for the exact same reasons as you guys: To capture various moments in my life, anytime, anyday. Compile my life's story from my meals to extended phone chats...packing a perennially messy room to animating my soft toys. Imagine, watching all of one's idiosyncrasies on the screen, from the purely mundane to amusing antics. sigh....tok so much oso no use....unless I make 30 new friends and each forks out 100 bucks...hahahaha...just kidding! I dun make friends just to bend them to my machination. =D

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