Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Dear Nahs, I would have thought few other people on this island share my virtually non-existant social life,
who, other than dividing my time between movies ( a quintessential part of my life shared by evil rei, Gatchaman
with mutual and equal interest ) and working on my latest animation project, have nothing much else on except for
watching documentaries on Discovery Channel and speaking to my pet tortoises who, unfortunately, are quite
uncommunicative in general.

A blog of your own isn't really such a bad idea...although it would also mean that we would be spreading out
even thinner as far as posts are concerned because right now I'm always in a dilemma sometimes if I should
post on my own blog or Gatchaman's. Perhaps one day we should unify all our blog members into one big,
singular blog. A unification of blogs, so to speak.

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