Wednesday, September 26, 2001

[citizen kane dvd]
aha, time to show off my new dvd acquirement again (must read: evil rei)! it s a 2-disc collection of 'citizen kane'!!! i ve been waiting for it to be out on dvd all this while! finally! features (tat i can remember) are 2 feature length commentaries, rare photo galleries and somemore i cant remember offhand now, plus a 2nd disc on the documentary, 'the battle over citizen kane', which used to be sold separately at almost the same price of this package.
'citizen kane' is the film that open me up to framing, cinematography and many other related stuffs, and understand more on it. i cant put in simple words how it finally make me 'piece everything together' and 'see the big picture' ... dont think i m making any sense.

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